hornodetentudia.es questionable online store multiproduct

Hornodetentudia.es Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

Thanks to your collaboration we return with a questionable online store that you have sent us through the web form hornodetentudia.es


hornodetentudia.es is a false multiproduct online shop. We have the odd multi-product online shop on the web.

If we look at the web, the design is a bit horrible. To the naked eye the prices seem that some if that they can be real but others of course that no. Apart from that it does not have SSL. With this it is already to suspect.

Hornodetentudia.es Fake Online Shop Multiproduct

If we investigate a little more we see that there are things that are fulfilled in other fraudulent online shop`s such as untranslated texts, do not use Paypal