fcmigoods.xyz false multiproduct online shop

Fcmigoods.xyz Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

We continue with the multi-product shop. In this case fcmigoods.xyz


fcmigoods.xyz is a fake multi-product shop . You can find everything. From things for your garden, decoration things, etc. We have several multi-product fake stores on the web.

If we analyze the store we see that it has SSL so we will have to keep looking. The domain is certainly suspicious. It has articles on the web without image. At the bottom of the web you have social network icons that do not point to any real profile. Apart from that you have the payment with Paypal and of course you can not pay with Paypal. No need to look more to realize that this is a fake shop and a scam.

Fcmigoods.xyz Fake Multiproduct Online Shop