faxzhasfboots.club questionable online store Scarpa

Faxzhasfboots.club Tienda Falsa Online Botas Scarpa

Now that the cold and other festivities have arrived, the questionable online stores are changing thematic. faxzhasfboots.club Today


faxzhasfboots.club is a questionable online store of hiking boots, sky boots, etc. Specifically from the Scarpa brand. It is seen that the boots theme is a recurrent in false online stores like those of Salomon.

Let’s get to the point. The first thing we look at is the price. Here we begin to see things that should make you suspect. Some SCARPA MONT BLANC GTX that have a market price of more than € 150 in this fake online store are for just over € 50. Too much discount to be true.

If we look at other articles we see that the prices are too low.

Faxzhasfboots.club Fake Online Shop Scam Skyboots


If we look a little more in detail at the fake shopwe realize that for example, social networks do not point anywhere. Something very typical of this type of shops. We are facing a scam