questionable online store Tienda Falsa Online Conforama

Today we come to talk about A fake online store that passes itself off as an outlet for the furniture brand Conforama as well as others like the equipment for dj.

Another of the typical fake shops that are out there. In this case, it is a fake online store that passes through a Conforama outlet.

It has been registered with other domains such as, And in the first versions it even had the logo of the brand.

As we can see in, prices are also more than cheap (we are talking about discounts of more than 80%). Fake Online Shop Scam


Like many fake shops that we are presenting on this website many can be detected by the payment gateways or by the information pages of the website itself.

In this case we can see the “About us” in English while almost all parts of the web are in Spanish. Fake Shop Scam Outlet