Tienda Falsa Online Salomon fake online shop Salomon

We visited the shop is a fake shop of Salomon products. It is not the first fake online shop of Salomon products.

Analyzing the web we see that it does not have SSL. Looking a little more we see that it has icons of social networks that do not point to any profile. You can only pay by credit card. We can’t find the information of the company behind the web anywhere. And on the subject prices because we see shoes worth more than 60 € here are sold for less than 20 €. So we are dealing with a fake shop and a scam. Fake Online Shop Salomon

How can I avoid being cheated?

In case this store has cheated you read our advice on what to do if I've been cheated. In addition, you can avoid being cheated by using our guidelines to how to know if an online store is a Scam

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