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We leave technology and fashion a little. Today we talk about is a fake online shop of musical instruments. You can find synths, guitars, batteries, etc. From recognized brands like Roland.

If we look a little in the shop and especially in the prices then we find the usual ones. Expensive products at prices that are not real.

For example in this fake onlineshop we have a Roland Aira System 1 Plug Out Synthesizer whose price in the market is around 400 € in this store we have it for almost 40. And like this product many more. Fake Online Shop Musical Instruments


If we look a little more we see the typical of these shops. Social profiles that do not point to any site. Possibility of paying with Paypal but it is a lie. A fraud

How can I avoid being cheated?

In case this store has cheated you read our advice on what to do if I've been cheated. In addition, you can avoid being cheated by using our guidelines to how to know if an online store is a Scam

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