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At we care about you and your security on the internet and we want you to browse and make your purchases quiet, without fear of being scammed. That’s why we show you the scams and frauds that we collect from the network and publish tips and tricks to avoid them.

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Stores that you should never buy or lose your money.


Fake emails posing as banks, companies and real institutions.


Tricks and tips. Learn to recognize frauds so they do not cheat you.

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We want to avoid scams on the internet and for that we put at your disposal our database of frauds and scams.

Fakeinet Estafas Fraudes Internet

Meet the new cases of Phishing that appear on the network.

Hackear Ataque Phishing

How to know if an online store is a fraud?

In this video by Tomás Sierra we explain step by step to recognize a fake online store

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