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Another fake store, fraud: another scam. Fake shop of Salomon products

Lately there is a “boom” of fake stores that are dedicated to selling shoes of the brand Salomon.

It is exactly the same as in other online fake stores such as or, you just have to see the price to realize that this is a scam. Other Fake Online Shop Salomon Products



When inspecting any of the pages within we can realize that there are things that do not fit:

Sections of the web that are not translated, many forms of payment but basically accept only debit or credit card, etc.

Look here for the tips to discover a fake store.

The webpage uses SSL certificates which gives a little more credibility to these websites, although other factors show that it is a fraud.

Other clone or similar pages


How can I avoid being cheated?

In case this store has cheated you read our advice on what to do if I've been cheated. In addition, you can avoid being cheated by using our guidelines to how to know if an online store is a Scam

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