dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop fake online shop Dyson products

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  • Grandes descuentos y precios bajos
  • Ausencia de datos de la empresa
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Dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop Tienda Online Falsa Productos Dyson

A user sends us the following online shop : dysonlinestore.ysonbest.shop

dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop reviews

dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop is a fake online shop for Dyson branded products. It’s not the first fake Dyson shop we’ve had on the web.

By analysing the shop we can see that it has SSL. There is information about the company behind the site but it is fake. It is possible to pay with Paypal and Stripe.

dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop prices

At first and seeing some things the shop seems to be completely legal until you get to the prices of the products. There are many discounts on all products. We see handheld hoovers that on the market are worth almost $600 and here they sell for just over $300. Taking this into account we can say that we are dealing with a fake online shop and a scam. Be very careful when buying in this shop. Although having Paypal if you get swindled anyway there is more chance of recovering the money.

Dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop Fake Online Shop Dyson Products
Dysononlinestore.ysonbest.shop Fake Online Shop Dyson Products