dronica360.es fake clothing online shop

Dronica360.es Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto Ropa

Lately you send us many fake shops to the web form. We are very grateful. Little by little we will be publishing all of them. Today we have dronica360.es


dronica360.es is a questionable online store. We have not seen a fake online store with such a crude design for a long time. And it seems that takes a long time hanging on the Internet. We know that it is false because it was sent to us by a user and he told us that he was cheated.

Although at first glance has different forms of payment (including Paypal) here we can investigate little because we already know that it is false. In any case, its design already denotes an improper neglect of an online shop that wants to sell.


Dronica360.es Fake Online Shop Clothing

You will see that it uses a .es domain. In nothing we will do an article explaining why you can find questionable online stores in domains that at first glance have nothing to do for now advice. Do not buy in this store. Is a gotcha.