dastmall.xyz false multiproduct online shop

Dastmall.xyz Tienda Falsa Online Multiproducto

We come with another online shop dastmall.xyz


dastmall.xyz is a multi-product online shop. The same way you buy something for the garden as you buy pants for the snow. It’s not the first fake multiproduct shop we have.

Analyzing the web we see that this one has SSL (they are learning). We find products that have no image (a big mistake). You can only pay by credit card although at the bottom of the page is the logo of Paypal among others. There is no information about the company behind the website. As for the prices because we have no reference to them so in that sense we can not give an opinion. In view of the above we can say that we are dealing with a fake store and a scam.

Dastmall.xyz False Multiproduct Online Shop