fake online bike shop Tienda Online Dudosa Bicis Electricas Mate

Today we bring you a new fake online store


We have talked about many questionable online stores on this website but is undoubtedly the best pass through a real store.

They sell electric bikes of the brand Mate for a price much lower than the market. The funny thing is that this bike is still in a crowdfunding campaign and is not in the market yet. The cyberdelicuentes always one step further.

The template of is much more worked than others that we have seen as the cameras or tools. Here, because it is just a product, there is much more information. Fake Online Shop Scam


The web even has an integrated chat to request information. Fake Online Shop Chat


But if we investigate a little more we realize that in the end it is still a fake online store that is a scam. Fake Online Shop Pages