online shop fake protection masks

Covid19 Tienda Online Dudosa Mascarillas Proteccion

We analyze an online store that we have passed : will be a questionable online store for protective masks. It is not the first fake shop of protective masks that we have on the web.

Analyzing the shop we see that it has SSL. The truth is that the shop has been sent to us long before it is designed. Right now it is a WordPress with an online shop template but surely when the shop is finished it will sell protection masks. The truth is that with all this pandemic because of the coronavirus, questionable online stores are appearing and trying to take advantage of it.

So in this case we can’t talk about prices or anything. We will be waiting for them to finish the shop but if you finally enter and it is already created then do not buy as it can be a scam.

Covid19 Online Shop Fake Protection Masks