questionable online store Canada Goose Tienda Online Dudosa Canada Goose

We continue with the online fake shops. clothing that together with technology are the most common. Today we bring you is an online fake shop that sells coats, jackets, etc. of Canada Goose brand. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about fake Canada Goose online fake shops.
If we start looking at the web a little, the first thing we see are the prices. Prices that are not real and that are very far from market prices.

For example a Carson Parka Black that would normally cost in the market about € 500 here costs just over € 50. For much Black Friday that there is that price is a scam. Fake Online Shop Scam Coats

If we continue to look a bit at the fake online store we see the normal in these shops. Social network icons that do not lead anywhere, etc.