questionable online store canon Tienda Online Dudosa Camaras Canon

Today we bring you to another fake technology store

In this case is a fake digital camera store of the brand Canon

It is not the first time that on this website we talk about false online technology stores. Recently we brought you one of high-end phones

And like all fake online stores. brings us camáras of more than € 500 to less than € 50. Prices very far from the market price.

You can see what we are talking about in the following screenshot. Fake Online Shop Scam Cameras


This web like others that we have presented is made with a template. What allows cyber-crooks to make fake online stores very quickly. They only have to change the products, the prices and publish them.


The problem of using templates is that all webs are the same and if one has a failure, they all have it as You can see it in the screenshot below Fake Online Shop Payments


As we always tell you with these fake online stores. Be careful. All are usually scams