avantagesgestion.com fake motorcycle helmet shop

Avantagesgestion.com Tienda Falsa Online Cascos Moto Belstaff

We send by mail the following online store avantagesgestion.com


avantagesgestion.com is a fake motorcycle helmet shop. You have helmets of brands such as Belstaff, Arai, Ariete, etc.. I think it is the first store of this type that we have on the web.

Iff we analyze the store we see that it does not have SSL (you have to start to suspect), it has Social Network icons that do not point to any profile. Nowhere puts the company behind the web and then comes the issue of prices. A helmet that costs more than 400 € sells for a little more than 180. 60% discounts. There is no doubt that we are dealing with a questionable online store and a scam.


Avantagesgestion.com Fake Helmets Online Shop Belfstaff