questionable online store products for pets Tienda Falsa Online Productos Perros Gatos

We return to the questionable online stores that send us thanks to the form on the web. Today is a questionable online store that sells all kinds of products for dogs and cats. You can find belts, beds, collars, etc. Everything that doggies and cats need you can find here. Everything is wonderful until you realize that something does not fit. At first (and as always in fake shops) prices.

We are talking about that in many products there is almost 50% discount. To give an example Petplus scattered cat with scent Baby powder 15kg. The market price (I have searched for it on another website) is much cheaper than what is sold on this website. So we are clearly facing a scam.

If we look a little more we see the typical of these fake online stores. Things badly translated as at the bottom of the page. Fake Online Shop Pets Cats