aheray.com.mx dubious fashion online shop

60 /100

  • Grandes descuentos y precios bajos
  • Solo pago con tarjeta y transferencia
  • Ausencia de datos de la empresa
  • No existen comentarios de los usuarios
Aheray.com.mx Tienda Online Dudosa Moda

Several users send us the following online shop : aheray.com.mx

aheray.com.mx reviews

aheray.com.mx is a dubious fashion online shop. We have many such shops on our website.

Analysing the shop we see that it has SSL. At first glance it looks like a typical Dropshipping clothing shop. There is no information about the company behind the website. You can only pay by credit card. The social network icons do lead to real social network profiles.

aheray.com.mx prices

As far as prices are concerned we see many items with discounts. Taking into account all of the above, we can say that this is a “dubious” online shop. We don’t have all the information so we leave it like this. In doubtful.

Aheray.com .mx Dubious Fashion Online Shop
Aheray.com .mx Dubious Fashion Online Shop