365games.es fake online electronic shop

365games.es Tienda Falsa Online Tecnologia

Another online shop has arrived through our form 365games.es


365games.es is a fake online electronics shop. You can find phones, consoles, computers, etc. It is not the first fake electronics shops we have on the web.

If we analyze the web we see that it has SSL. We look for example the legal notice and no information appears of the company that carries the web (should appear). If you already look at the prices, you just have to go through some of the sections. Although investigating a little if we see that you can pay with Paypal and prices are not so low. We will leave it in “maybe” since one of our users has told us that they have cheated him and he has already denounced it. And looking a bit online we see that more people have denounced it so we are facing a scam.

365games.es Fake Online Technology Shop